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Real-time data for paper trading account

One of the nice features of IB's paper trading account is ability to get the same real-time market data as your live brokerage account so you can do your simulated trading or test your automated system in conditions that are very similar to real live trading. There are few things you need to do to use it.

  • Do not use your real account at the same time as paper account
  • Go to "Manage Account" ⇒ Settings ⇒ "Paper Trading"
  • Click on "Share real-time market data with paper trading account"
  • Apply Change

Side note: If you still cannot get data like it happened to me. You need to call IB Support +1(866)694-2757 and ask them to delete your paper trading account and recreate it. Do not open support ticket online, they respond very slow to them. Phone call to support works much better. 

Paper Trading Account Settings